May 10, 2016

Educating the public

The Training Committee for Character Analysis and Psychiatric Orgone Therapy is pleased to announce a Second Introductory Seminar on Orgonomy. Its instructors are Richard Schwartzman, D.O., and Nassos Teopoulos, M.D. Both physicians are certified psychiatrists and qualified psychiatric orgone therapists.

The seminars will be conducted in English and Greek. The English program will be conducted by Dr. Schwartzman, from Pennsylvania, USA, through webinars via Skype, and the Greek program will be conducted in person by Dr. Teopoulos, in both Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece. There will be a total of 12 sessions, one every two months, held on a Sunday, over the course of two years. All the seminars have been designed for student participation.

This educational program will provide an understanding of important aspects of the work of Wilhelm Reich, M.D., psychiatrist and natural scientist. It is open to everyone wishing to study Reich’s work. However, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, social workers, nurses, midwives, educators, and all mental health counselors are especially welcomed. These, by virtue of their professions, have the ability to significantly influence those they deal with, as well as to bring Reich’s important discoveries to a wider audience.

Students will be provided with specific information on the factors in early life that determine the formation of character. This will provide the basis for a discussion of how infants and young children can be brought up so that they will develop naturally, and reach adulthood as confident individuals, able to live satisfying lives.

Also included in this series of lectures will be how Reich’s method of treatment can restore individuals to more natural, healthy functioning; how it can relieve anxiety, alleviate depression, and treat a wide range of emotional conditions.

The intent of these seminars is to present a significant amount of Reich’s work concisely, and in such a way that will allow his discoveries to be understood and applied. We believe the success of the first introductory course (from 2013 to 2015), and the requests we have received for further information, clearly indicate an ongoing interest in the science of orgonomy. We trust a sufficient number of individuals will enroll in this second series of seminars so that this important work can continue.

The following topics will be presented:
1.    An overview of the development of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries and an introduction to the science of orgonomy.
2.    The development of armoring and its role in determining emotional health.
3.    The stages of human development and their influence on the formation of character. An introduction to the various character types.
4.    The genital character
5.    The ocular character
6.    The oral character
7.    The anal character
8.    The phallic character
9.    The sociopolitical character types.
10.    The principles of psychiatric orgone therapy and the treatment of emotional disorders.
11.    Physical disease and its relationship to armoring.
12.    The prevention of emotional illness and the role of orgone therapy in the treatment of the disturbances that have developed.

The Training Committee is currently accepting applications for its Training Program on Orgonomy. It will announce the starting date when there are a sufficient number of participants. For further information and an application form please e-mail: